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PLUS! For A Limited Time, You'll Also Get These 5 Amazing Bonuses:
PLUS! For A Limited Time, You'll Also Get These 5 Amazing Bonuses:
NOTE: All Special offer bonuses go away when the timer below hits zero...
BONUS #1: 500 More Shirt Designs Over DOUBLE the current amount!
YES! You read that right...on top of 365 shirt designs, you get 500 more designs to reward fast-action takers! (That's another FULL YEAR of shirt designs!)
  • Editable so you can easily tweak using free online software!
  • Upload-Ready and ready to sell so you can easily add to your e-commerce store and/or t-shirt platform such as TeeSpring!
  • High-resolution so you don't have to worry about refunds from bad quality shirts!
  • Compatible with all Cricut cutting machines!
  • Affordable! (less than .03 cents PER design)
Total Value: $2,500.00!
BONUS #2: Shirt Model Avatars For Every Shirt Design Templates!
Just like in magazines, models WEAR the shirts. Why? Because the customer can picture in their minds how it'll look on them, vs. solo against a white background. You're competitors are NOT doing this!
  • Great for Facebook ads!
  • Great for store-fronts! 
  • Great for banner ads!
  • Great for retargeting!
Total Value: $590.00!
BONUS #2: Private T-Shirt Marketing Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group
Over 8,000+ Members And Growing!
Jim Rohn said it best: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." T-Shirt Marketer's Mastermind does just that. It connects you with like-minded people who have the same goals as you!
  • Get the accountability you've always wanted to push you further than you've ever gone!
  • Plenty of engagement including updated what's-working-now training!
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas with fellow t-shirt marketers!
Total Value: $290.00!
BONUS #3: T-Shirt Campaign Expert Reference Guide (Printable!)
No more guessing when it comes to how to run a successful t-shirt campaign. This battle-tested cheat sheet is your go-to guide for running a smart campaign like the experts do!
  • Learn when to scale; and when not to scale your Facebook™ ad campaigns!
  • Learn how to find hundreds of hidden interests to build the ultimate audience who's ready to buy now!
Total Value: $190.00!
BONUS #4: Admission To An Exclusive Online Training Workshop
This is all meat and no fluff. We highly suggest bringing note-taking materials. What you'll learn when you attend this training:
  • How to properly target ANY niche using Facebook's best kept secret tool
  • How to design the perfect add creative
  • How to write the perfect ad copy to get people to buy NOW (not later)
  • How to know when to kill and scale a Facebook campaign w/out breaking the bank
  • How to properly retarget your prospects to create a niche-ecosystem that'll surely push them over the edge.
  • Plus Q&A so you can ask ANY questions you have.
  • And so much more!
Total Value: $290.00!
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One-Time Investment
  • 365 Upload-Ready Shirt Designs ($1,800.00 Value!)
  • Editable .PSD Files Included
  • Bonus #1: 500 More Designs ($2,500.00 Value!)
  • Bonus #2: T-Shirt Marketers Mastermind Group ($300.00 Value!)
  • Bonus #3: T-Shirt Campaign Expert Reference Guide ($200.00 Value!)
  • Bonus #4: One Admission To Online Workshop Training ($300.00 Value!)
"I Did Over $2,720.92 Just This Week Using 365ShirtDesigns"
"I just logged in and I did over $2,700+ just this week using 365ShirtDesigns. Here's a screenshot..."
Michael D.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Are these designs unique to only me?
These designs are all the same but editable to favor other niches. We do periodically add and remove some. Truth is, the design isn't so important as the audience you're selling to. Think how many times Nike has sold the same white t-shirt with a black check mark? Or how many of the same products Walmart sells as Target, Kroger...etc. 
Do I have to deal with inventory or shipping?
No. There's are third-party print stores and other t-shirt platform companies such as: Teespring, Viral Style, Gear Bubble who will do this for you. You just focus on selling them. Even Shopify has plugins to third-party print companies that handle all the necessary shipping and handling. Or you can use Amazon.
How can I edit these designs?
You can edit them using free software such as Pixlr or GIMP. You can also use paid software such as Adobe products. I provide training inside the members-only area how to edit them. 
What if I have zero experience?
Experience is not required. The Bonus Expert's Guide will help educate you how to set up your successful t-shirt business. The designs will allow you to avoid hiring an expensive designer. It'll also cut down time making this easy for a beginner.
Can I resell these designs?
These shirt designs are to be sold on shirts only. This means your customer's can buy your shirts with our designs on them. The designs themselves cannot be sold separately like we're selling them as a bundle. 
Will this work for my Cricut machine?
Yes. These files can be easily converted to .SVG and work with all Cricut machines. We provide a training a video inside the members-only area.
How do I receive the designs after I order?
Once you click the red button above and order, you'll immediately be sent an email with your unique link to access. You'll get instant access to the members-only area that includes all designs + bonuses mentioned above.
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